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OBAMA Exposed !!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA Exposed !!!!!!!!!!!

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Movie is not racist

No racial slur has been said. Just a sketch of Obama to the artists taste. There wasnt anything bashing on the black race in this movie. Its a cartoon therefore it doesnt have to be a completely realistic representation. Just because you bash on Obama doesnt make you a racist because he doesn enough things to hate him for other than the color of his skin. Making fun of the way Obama acts isnt racist. Its only racist if you ONLY hate Obama for skin color. This doesnt bash him completely on skin color nor mentions that he is black but just an immature human being. Anyone who disagrees will just have to deal with the fact that IM RIGHT YOUR WRONG.... end of story.

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Viano Viano

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Anal Bleaching

It made me wet

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Burnt Face Man 6 Burnt Face Man 6

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Holy Fucking Shit

That was the Best episode ever. People hearing it around me was laughing without even watching it.

The truth about war... The truth about war...

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something to think about

Every one of those soldiers willingly signed up for financial support. If they dies the government had a nice sum of money for their family. I can see that you have problably never served in the military considering many of them liked the experience and many of them would do it again. Id rather be dead fighting for freedom of my homeland then being one of those loosers sitting at home complaining about what the soldiers are sacroficing for them. If we the people didnt fight wars you wouldnt be able to sit freely and make this shit on your computer. If we were never involved in WW2 we could be speaking German right now. Us the people know its our duty to help our country when in emergency and thats why we go to recruiting offices and sign up to help and collect our benefits. Your complaining about how these people are dying and you havent stepped foot in the battlefield to help them. Stay out of business that has nothing to do with you.

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Thats sad that you said nothing in this about fighting for the good, only for benefits and financial support. Really dumb reasons to join the military. And if your going to talk to me about stuff I dont know, we would not be speaking german if we hadn't entered ww2.Any person who really knows history knows that. It would be kind of contradictive if I "stepped foot on the battlefield" for a war that I dont believe in besides the fact that this movie was just about america or it's soldiers. All American need to get off this ego trip and realize we are not the only one's in the world and we are no where near a great country.Thankyou.

Auf Achse Auf Achse

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Hell Yeah!

This was total kick ass!!!

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